Become a jiliko agent and earn the best commissions!

Embarking on a journey to generate passive income has never been more straightforward. Enroll as a JILIKO agent and unlock the potential to earn commissions right away. Upon establishing your account, the capacity to generate boundless traffic is at your fingertips. This is achieved through the creation of a personalized affiliate link that can be seamlessly disseminated across social media, forums, and blogs. Here are the unparalleled advantages that accompany your role as our agent:

  • A variety of games

    The variety of games available at jiliko is a big attraction for players to join.

  • Up to 30% commission

    Become our agent and get 30% commission for referring new players!

  • Multiple Promotion Channels

    At jiliko casino we offer a variety of payment methods for players to choose from, such as GCASH, GRABPAY, and BANKING.

  • Ongoing Earnings

    As long as your referred players keep playing, you will keep earning money.

Become an agent

How our agent project works

Join the JILIKO agent program to earn 35% commission on your referrals' first deposits. No effort required—just refer them to JILIKO and they can start gaming anytime!

Commission Calculation method Dividend ratio
(Deposit - Withdrawal) = Net Gross Profit 30%
  • 1. Calculate income: total offline member deposits - total withdrawals = net gross profit
  • 2. Calculation method of monthly income: net gross profit * 30% = commission earned by you.
    *Commissions are calculated from the first to the last day of the month. Commissions take 5 working days to calculate.*
  • 3. If the monthly commission is negative, it will accumulate in the next month until the balance is positive.
  • 4. Transfer when the total amount is 500 PHP.

How to become a jiliko agent?

Becoming a jiliko agent is very easy, here we will introduce how to become a jiliko agent.

We'll send you an email every time we add a new game, so all you have to do is refer users to jiliko and earn 30% commission on their first deposit.

Join our professional agent program and earn rewards for bringing new players to jiliko

Engaging in our loyalty points program translates to cash back contingent on the quantity of friends you allure and retain. This initiative aids in cultivating a robust passive income stream. The agent program is a complementary boon that augments our range of exceptional advantages bestowed upon our members. By partaking in this program, you're entitled to rewards for both introducing fresh players and sustaining the engagement of existing ones on our platform.